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Event: International Summer Workshop on Alternative Methods in Social Research

Next month on Tuesday 6th June 2017, Prof Melanie Nind and Dr Sarah Lewthwaite will be running a masterclass and workshop at the 3rd International Summer Workshop on Alternative Methods in Social Research, hosted by the University of Malaga, Spain.

This exciting event is focussed on transformative and inclusive social and educational research, and is oriented towards postgraduate researchers and teachers involved in investigations of change and social and educational transformation.

The event is intended to generate a space for open discussion, debate and collective construction to advance alternative understanding of investigation, the education and the society. Our Masterclass ’Video Stimulated Dialogue: A method with transformative potential for pedagogy’ is followed later the same day by our workshop ‘video stimulated recall and reflection’ which focusses more specifically on the technical and applied aspects of this method.

Registration, participation and further information (English)