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Event: 5th Ibero-American Congress on Qualitative Research

Following the ESRC’s Research Methods Festival, on July 12th-13th, Sarah Lewthwaite will be presenting a short paper focused on the socio-cultural factors that shape research methods teaching ‘Situating pedagogies: Researching the Teaching and Learning of Advanced Qualitative Research Methods’ at the 5th Ibero-American Congress on Qualitative Research / 1st International Symposium on Qualitative Research, in Porto, Portugal. Full details of the schedule will be confirmed on the conference website soon and we will signpost links to the paper accompanying this presentation when the proceedings are published. The abstract follows:

This paper reports developments in new research investigating the teaching and learning of advanced research methods in the social sciences. Based on expert panel interviews with international expert teachers of qualitative methods, we observe pedagogic approaches that characterize advanced qualitative teaching and discuss methods designed to both examine and spur development of pedagogical culture in this nascent field. This paper reports our early findings, elucidating the connections between pedagogy, method, processes, approaches and reflectivity. We argue that through analysis of expert responses to the distinct pedagogic challenges of the methods classroom, the insights generated can form the knowledge and understanding required to enhance pedagogical culture and practice. Whilst qualitative methods might dictate pedagogical structure to some extent, we find that methods alone are insufficient as a pedagogic guide.