EVENT: 7th ESRC Research Methods Festival

EVENT: 7th ESRC Research Methods Festival

Booking is now open for the 7th ESRC Research Methods Festival. The festival runs from Tuesday 5th July to Thursday 7th July, 2016 at the University of Bath.

The Festival themes include the pedagogy of methods, alongside international knowledge exchange, cohort and longitudinal methods, analysis of  complex data sets and careers and skills development. We are delighted to be presenting all aspects of our research on Tuesday 5th July (10.00-12.30), in a varied session dedicated to methodological teaching and learning in a variety of contexts.

The current programme is available on the NCRM Methods Festival pages detailing the festival keynotes and presentations highlighting fascinating methodological frontiers from the UK and internationally. Aside from our own papers, we are also looking forward to talks from Bagele Chilisa (University of Botswana) and Andrew Gelman (Columbia) both of whom participated in our expert panel interviews.

Registration is now open.

The full details for our session follow below.

Abstract Details

Competence in research methods needs to be acquired, maintained and further developed. The emphasis is moving toward creating researchers with transferable, advanced skills gained via ongoing training. Within NCRM, capacity-building effort has focused on short courses and online resources, with a relatively recent focus on the teaching and learning models being employed. Papers in this session explore the distinctive pedagogic challenges in the field of social research methods and the challenges of talking about and understanding that pedagogy. The aim is to look at these issues from different perspectives in seeking to develop the pedagogic culture in this arena.

Presentation details

Presentation 1. 10.00
‘Introduction to the pedagogy of methodological learning’ Professor Melanie Nind (NCRM, University of Southampton)

Presentation 2. 10.10
‘Does it make sense to talk about research methods pedagogy?’, Dr Sarah Lewthwaite (NCRM, University of Southampton), Professor Melanie Nind (NCRM, University of Southampton).

Presentation 3. 10.30am
‘Research methods pedagogy in the digital era’. Debbie Collins (NCRM, University of Southampton)

Coffee break from 11.00 – 11.30

Presentation 4. 11.30am
‘Methods learning journeys’, Michela Insenga (Edge Hill University), Cordelia Sutton (Open University)

Presentation 5. 11.50am
‘Learning together in communities’ Professor Juana M Sancho Gil (University of Barcelona), Professor Fernando Hernandez (University of Barcelona)

Presentation 6. 12.10pm
Discussant and discussion. Dr Kandy Woodfield (Higher Education Academy).