Researchers discuss methods at the Research Methods Festival 2010

Participant recruitment: NCRM methods diary circle

Prof. Melanie Nind and Dr Sarah Lewthwaite at the National Centre for Social Research are undertaking new research into the pedagogy of research methods – looking at how advanced, innovative and specialised social research methods are taught and learned. WeĀ are convening a diary circle of researchers who are developing their methods knowledge and skills, to considerĀ researchers’ learning journeys. Participants will record, reflect and share their learning experiences over a two year period. This activity is designed to occur alongside usual working practices and will enhance professional development.

We are currently looking to recruit a UK based independent, third sector or government social science researcher (at any career-stage) who is interested inĀ methods learning, to participate in this project.

If you are interested in taking part or would like to know more, please contact Sarah LewthwaiteĀ for more details. Our deadline for applicationsĀ isĀ Wednesday 30th Sept 2015.