Event: Pedagogy in context: international experts’ insights into methods teaching

Sarah Lewthwaite and Melanie Nind.

9th – 11th December, 2015. ‘Converging Concepts in global Higher Eduction Research: local, national and international perspectives’, Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE) Conference,  Newport in South Wales, UK.

Sarah Lewthwaite will be presenting results from our Expert Panel research at the forthcoming SRHE Conference in a peer-reviewed paper entitled ‘Pedagogy in context: international experts’ insights into the teaching of advanced research methods’. SHRE 2015 is themed around converging concepts in global higher education research, with an impetus to consider local, national and international perspectives as converging and distinct contexts. In response, this paper will offer insights that reflect upon the complex dynamics and geo-political socio-cultural factors that shape pedagogy as it is specified, enacted and experienced (see: Nind, Curtin and Hall, forthcoming).

Crucially, and in-line with our commitment to engaging with, rather than researching on, the communities concerned – our presentation will engage Conference delegates in a critical dialogue regarding our emergent findings and broader questions regarding the emergence of nascent pedagogic culture(s) in a global context.


This paper sets out the findings from new research into the teaching of advanced social science research methods. We present an in-depth study into the teaching and learning of advanced research methods conducted by researchers at the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM). We outline how current concerns about a methodological skills deficit have shaped debate in the UK, and draw upon insights from in-depth interviews with international experts to reflect on the situated nature of advanced methods teaching and learning. From here, we examine how the pedagogical approaches, challenges and demands identified within and across international contexts can elucidate the pedagogic challenges of advanced methods teaching and learning in the UK. During our presentation we will engage delegates in critical dialogue regarding how these findings and the broader questions of how pedagogic culture and practice might respond to global trends and international tensions in social research.


Nind, M., Curtin, A. and Hall, K. (forthcoming) Research Methods for Pedagogy. London, Bloomsbury.