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New Paper: Using video and dialogue to generate pedagogic knowledge

The Pedagogy of Methodological Learning project has a new paper out as part of the International Journal of Social Research Methodology’s special issue on pedagogy and the teaching and learning of social research methods. Authors Prof Melanie Nind, Dr Daniel Kilburn and Dr Rose Wiles’ open access paper is entitled ‘Using video and dialogue to generate pedagogic knowledge: teachers, learners and researchers reflecting together on the pedagogy of social research methods‘. It reports on methods previously developed and now deployed in our case study work.


Developments in pedagogical knowledge in the teaching of social research methods have largely been generated through teachers reflecting on their practice. This paper presents an alternative approach to generating data through reflective dialogue between researchers, teachers and learners. The approach incorporates elements of video stimulated recall and reflective dialogue within focus group interviewing. The rationale and affordances are discussed in relation to the goals of discussing teachers’ pedagogical decision-making and learners’ experience of, and response to, various pedagogical practices. The context is a study of capacity-building short courses in advanced social science research methods, specifically courses on: multi-modal analysis, computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software, multi-level modelling, and systematic review. The paper examines the methodological challenges of capturing the everyday realities of methods classrooms for teachers and learners and the affordances of using dialogue on observed teaching sessions to gain further insight into each other’s thinking and action. It concludes with lessons learned about methodological and pedagogical processes and an argument about the value of bringing methods and standpoints together in creative dialogue.

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If you are interested in developing your knowledge of Video Stimulated Recall and Reflection (VSRR) as an advanced research method, we are running a training day workshop ‘Video stimulated recall, reflection and dialogue‘ through the National Centre for Research Methods at the University of Southampton (UK) in November this year, visit our ‘training and events‘ page to find out more.