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NCRM quick start guide: teaching advanced research methods

Teaching advanced research methods presents a number of distinct pedagogic challenges – from diverse learner groups and the practicalities of handling data, to the challenge of structuring and sequencing course content within an intensive period. We have produced a new Quick Start Guide to teaching advanced research methods, identifying ways to approach these issues, linked below.

Lewthwaite, Sarah and Nind, Melanie (2015) Teaching advanced research methods – NCRM quick start guide. Manual. NCRM.

This two-page guide is the result of our NCRM research involving interviewing and observing teachers, learners and strategic developers of advanced competence in social science research methods. The guidance is based on evidence and collective wisdom pertaining to methods teaching specifically and it is intended to stimulate the development of good practice. To read the full report and other outputs from the project so far, visit our publications page.

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