Researchers discuss methods at the ESRC Research Methods Festival, 2010

Specialist panel interviews and focus groups

The specialist panel component involves the formation of an ‘expert panel’ consulting international experts involved in, or concerned with, the teaching of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research in social sciences and teachers of methods. Themes arising from the analysis of semi-structured interviews with experts will lead on to a follow-up exchange of views on these themes. Specifically we want to explore particular challenges posed by teaching advanced research methods, the forms of pedagogical knowledge involved, and the role of innovations both in methodologies and in teaching and learning practice. In the next phase, the themes will be further explored in focus groups with advanced social science methods teachers.

Findings from these ‘expert panel’ interviews will inform subsequent components of our three-year project, which will involve research methods teachers and trainers and the wider research methods learning community through case studies, video-stimulated interviews and focus groups, as well as research into researchers’ learning journeys.